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Runaway Suicidal Juvenile


BOLO for Isaiah Roberts white male Date of Birth 06/17/2004 approximately 5'7" 140lbs Dark Brown Shoulder length hair Brown eyes Last seen in Razorback Hoodie Black letter jacket and work boots. Subject left on foot sometime between 2pm and 3pm on February 28, 2021 from Andrew Lane in Horatio.


************USE CAUTION***********

He is Bipolar and schizophrenic and has not taken his medication. He has been known to be very aggressive. He left a note implying suicide by cop.



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New Release

Sevier County Sheriff's Department

Monthly Report for November 2020


Sevier County Sheriff's Department monthly totals for November


Total hours deputies were on duty: 1,633 Total miles driven while on duty: 17,975 Total fuel used: 1,243 Total calls taken by deputies: 158 Total motor vehicle accidents: 13 Total traffic stops: 73 Total citations issued: 5 Total warnings issued: 73 Total arrest made: 13 Total civil papers served: 59 Total building checks: 852


Investigators: Opened 2 sexual assault cases, Closed a theft case & recovered stolen property.
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Monday, November 30, 2020 members of the South Central Drug Task Force, Arkansas State Police, and Sevier County Sheriff's Department executed a Search Warrant. The Search Warrant was executed at 598 Williamson Loop in Horatio. Residence of 35-Year-old Charlotte Dennis. Upon entry into the residence Officer's located illegal narcotics and stolen firearms. Charlotte Dennis face possible charges of Possession with the Purpose to Deliver Methamphetamine (Class C Felony), Possession of Schedule VI Narcotic (Class A Misdemeanor), Possession of Drugs and Firearms (Class Y Felony), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Class D Felony), Maintaining Drugs on Premises (Cass C Felony), and Theft by Receiving (Class D Felony). Charlotte Dennis is currently being held in Sevier County Jail awaiting bond to be set.

Charges will be reviewed by Deputy Prosecutor Erin Hunter.  

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Press Release


PRESS RELEASE - August 17, 2020


Sunday, August 16, 2020 Deputy Philamlee was patrolling North of De Queen on Hwy 71. Deputy Philamlee got behind a Silver 4 door Chevrolet car and noticed the vehicle cross the double yellow lines several times. Deputy Philamlee initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and came in contact with 34 yr. old Ronald Drinker from Queen City, Texas. Deputy Philamlee advised Ronald on why he stopped him. At this time Deputy Philamlee noticed that Ronald Drinker was slurring his words. Deputy Philamlee asked Ronald Drinker to step out of the vehicle at this time. When Ronald Drinker exited the vehicle, he was staggering and having to hold on the side of the car to keep balance. Field Sobriety was performed on Ronald Drinker at this time. Ronald Failed Field Sobriety and was arrested for suspicion of Driving While Intoxicated/Drugs. Deputy Prosecutor Erin Hunter will review the case.

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Press Release

PRESS RELEASE - August 17, 2020


Friday, August 14, 2020 Sgt Gentry and Deputy Stubbs were patrolling on HWY 71 North of De Queen. Deputies noticed a Beige Ford Taurus traveling North on HWY 71 being driven by Barry Talley of De Queen. Deputies knew that Barry had felony warrants out for his arrest. Deputies followed Barry for a short distance and noticed the Ford Taurus also had a brake light out. Deputies initiated a traffic stop on Barry. After making contact with Barry. Deputies asked permission to search the vehicle. Consent was given by Barry. Deputies found a glass methamphetamine smoking pipe that also contained a white melted substance in it believed to be Methamphetamine. Barry was arrested for the outstanding warrant for breaking or entering and theft of property. Barry was also arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine and Drug Paraphernalia. Both Class D Felonies. Deputy Prosecutor Erin Hunter will be reviewing the case.


Friday, August 14, 2020 Deputy Cross was working stationary radar on HWY 71 South of Lockesburg. Deputy Cross clocked a vehicle running 80-mph in a 55-mph speed zone. Deputy Cross initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and came into contact with the driver of the vehicle Wesley Schooley of Horatio. Deputy Cross explained the reason for the stop. Deputy Cross could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. At this time Deputy Cross asked Schooley for permission to search the vehicle. Wesley gave consent and Deputy Cross and Deputy Alvarado conducted a search. Upon searching the vehicle Deputy Cross located 61.2 grams of marijuana rolled up in individual cigarettes in separate containers. Wesley denied the marijuana being his but his passenger, Kenneth Hoffman of Lockesburg stated to the deputies that the marijuana was his. Deputy Cross issued Schooley a ticket for speeding and Kenneth was arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance with the Purpose to Deliver Class D Felony. Deputy Prosecutor Erin Hunter will be reviewing the case.

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New Release

Press Release - August 13, 2020

Sunday August 2, 2020 Deputy Stubbs and Deputy Alvin Philamlee responded to 108 Lincoln Drive in Horatio in regard to trespassing, disorderly conduct, residential burglary and attempted theft. The reporting party called and stated that a white female had just entered their home on North Cemetery Road in Horatio uninvited. Once the female was confronted by the home owner/reporting party she ran out of the house and up highway 41. The reporting party got into their vehicle and followed the female subject. The reporting party followed the female into the Horatio home sites. The reporting party witnessed the white female find a residence with the garage door open and walks into the garage and then makes entry into the residence. The residence belonged to Chief Deputy Chad Dowdle with the Sevier County Sherriff's Department; the white female was confronted by the Chief Deputy upon entry into his residence and then removed while other deputies were in route. The white female was Ashley Ayers. Deputy Prosecutor Erin Hunter will review the case and decide if she will continue to charge Ashley with trespassing, disorderly conduct, attempted theft, and residential burglary.



Wednesday, August 5, 2020 Chief Deputy chad Dowdle, Sgt Justin Gentry, and DTF Agent Greg Harper were on patrol North west of De Queen. Deputies were attempting to locate a Christie Yandell who was involved in a possible homicide in Sebastian County, Arkansas. Deputies had gathered information on where Christie lived in Sevier County and obtained a search warrant for her residence and also had an active felony warrant for her out of Sebastian County. Deputies had done surveillance on the residence located at 422 Rink Road for several days in attempt to catch Christie at home. On Wednesday, August 5, 2020 deputies went by the residence and seen a white female inside a vehicle parked in the yard and the vehicle had not been at the residence. Deputies pulled into the drive way and confronted the female. The female was Ginger Skinner from Howe, OK. Deputies asked Ginger if Christie Yandell was at the residence and she stated no. Deputies then approached the residence and 25-year-old Jake Ollie from Howe, OK answered the door. Jake was asked if Christie was at the residence and he stated no. Jake was explained that deputies had an active search warrant for the residence to look for Christie. Deputies entered the residence and were unable to locate Christie. Deputies did find in plain sight syringes, scales, and methamphetamine. Deputies then secured the residence and got a search warrant for the residence to search it for narcotics and other illegal substances. Once inside deputies located methamphetamine, guns, drugs paraphernalia, pills, and scales. Jack Ollie who is the son of Christie Yandell was arrested and charged with Possession of Methamphetamine with purpose to deliver. Deputy Prosecutor Erin Hunter will be reviewing the case.

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Stolen vehicle, Thefts, and Vandalism

In the early morning hours of June 20, 2020 deputies with the Sevier County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident near the intersection of Williamson St. and Doggett Circle in Horatio. When deputies arrived on scene, they discovered that the vehicle occupants had fled. While investigating the collision, deputies discovered that the wrecked vehicle was stolen out of the Horatio area. On Monday June 22, 2020 deputies also received several calls about vehicles that had been gone through and reports of items being taken. Inv. Brian Hankins and Sgt. Greg Davignon with the help of Horatio City Officer Wes Tudor and other members of the Sevier County Sheriff's Officer were able to develop several possible juvenile suspects in the vehicle break-ins. During the course of the investigation, deputies were able to develop further suspects possibly involved in the theft of the stolen vehicle that had been wrecked over the weekend. Deputies also discovered that these same suspects were involved in several other cases where mailboxes and street signs were destroyed over the weekend. An adult suspect identified as Jake Miller and four juvenile suspects were arrested in the cases involving the stolen vehicle, thefts, and vandalism. All suspects in these cases are pending charges per the prosecutor. On Wednesday June 24, 2020 deputies received a call about a residence that had been broken into and vandalized on Doggett Circle in Horatio over the weekend. Inv. Brian Hankins, Stg. Greg Davignon and Officer Tudor were able to identify the suspect in this case as being one of the same juveniles responsible for the vehicle theft and vandalisms in the Horatio area over prosecutor. The investigation continues in the residence that was damaged to see what if any involvement other suspects might have had in the incident.

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"UPDATE" Impersonating an Officer Report

*Monday, February 3, 2020 Deputies with the Sevier County Sheriff's Department took a report from 31-year-old Casey Parker from Nashville, AR. The report was in regard to her being pulled over by someone impersonating an officer. Casey advised deputies that the incident took place East of the Dierk's Junction on HWY 70 East. Casey stated that a black male had pulled her over in a white Chevrolet Impala or Malibu for a tun signal violation. Sevier County Deputies, De Queen Police Department, 9th West Judicial Drug Task Force, Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Highway Police, Howard County Sheriff's Department, and Little River County Sheriff's Department were all involved in the investigation of this incident. Notifications to the public were made through local media, Sevier County Sheriff's Department website, the Sevier County Sheriff's Department Facebook page and BOLOS were sent out over the department terminal to other agencies to assist us in looking for this subject. Officer's spent hours investigating the case and attempting to locate this subject who was impersonating an officer.

*On Tuesday, February 4, 2020 after Sevier County Deputies had spent numerous hours investigating this incident, deputies got information that Casey had made the story up as a prank. On Tuesday, February 4, 2020 Casey was arrested and charged with "Class D Felony Filling a False Police Report" Casey is currently incarcerated in the Sevier County Jail and waiting on Bond to be set.

***The Sevier County Sheriff's Department would like to let everyone know that we take every call that comes in seriously and to let the public know we are here to take care of all the citizens of Sevier County to the best of our ability. We would like to let everyone know that anyone who calls in a false complaint will be dealt with accordingly.

*Sheriff Robert Gentry would like to thank everyone who shared our report we put on the Sheriff's Department webpage and Facebook page.

Impersonating an Officer

On Monday, February 3, 2020 at approximately 7:50 pm a black male driving a white Chevrolet Impala or white Chevrolet Malibu stopped a car on HWY 70 East of Dierk's Junction.  The female that the person pulled over stated that she seen blue lights come on and she pulled to the shoulder.  The white Chevrolet car pulled in behind her and turned the blue lights off.  The reporting party then stated that a black male approximately 5 foot 7 inch and 200lbs, medium build got out of the white Chevrolet and approached her car.  The reporting party stated that the black male knocked on her window and she rolled her window down.  The black male stated that he pulled her over for a turn signal violation.  The reporting party stated that she responded by telling the black male that she would contact her family member that works at a Police Department and see if she did anything wrong.  The reporting party stated that the black male then told her "no do not call anyone and have a nice night" and that the black male returned to his vehicle and left.  The reporting party stated she did not see any markings on the car. 

*** If anyone comes in contact with this car or has any information in regard to the person operating this vehicle please contact the Sevier County Sheriff's Department.  If someone in a vehicle like was described being driven by a black male attempts to pull you over do not stop.  Call 911 immediately and get somewhere as soon as you can with other people around.*** 


Date 10/11/2019

Reference: Shooting

Friday, October 11, 2019 at 12:19am the Sevier County Sheriff's Department received a call of a shooting that just occurred at 138 Saline Bluff Road in Lockesburg.  Deputies responded and assisted SouthWest EMS in loading the shooting victim.  The shooting victim was then transported to St. Michaels Hospital in Texarkana, TX.  Sevier County Deputies, Arkansas State Police Investigators, and 9th West Drug Task Force Officer's worked the scene and did interviews.  The suspected shooter has been interviewed and no cause for alarm.  The investigation is still ongoing and we will keep you updated as we can.

Chad Dowdle, S2

Chief Deputy

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