Sevier County
Sheriff's Office
De Queen, Arkansas
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New Release

Wednesday, Sevier County Sheriff's Deputy Greg Harper and Sergeant Greg Davignon were dispatched to the Rock Hill area in Lockesburg after receiving a report about a reckless driver.


The driver was identified as 32-year-old TJ Davis of Lockesburg and he was reportedly driving a black pickup.


When Harper and Davignon found Davis' truck, it was stopped in the middle of Highway 24. Davis then reportedly turned left onto South Park Avenue.


When deputies made the traffic stop, Davis appeared to be intoxicated and became belligerent when he was placed under arrest for driving under the influence. Davignon reported Davis started cursing the deputies and then started threatening them and their families.


Davis allegedly stated that he would not be in jail forever and he knew where they lived.


Davis was transported to the Sevier County jail and charged with possession of marijuana and terroristic threatening.