Sevier County
Sheriff's Office
De Queen, Arkansas
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New Release

On Wednesday, January 10th, Sevier County Sheriff's Deputy Wendell Randall took a report concerning some stole firearms from a homeowner in Lockesburg.


Logan and Brandi Arter reported someone broke into their home and stole a handgun and a rifle along with some ammunition while they were working. The Arter's reported a handgun was taken from their bedroom and a youth rifle was taken from the couple's gun cabinet.


After discovering the guns were missing, the couple found the bathroom window was broken and there was a bucket outside, beneath the window.


While speaking with the Arter's, Brandi reported she had received a message from a friend, asking where Justin Stubbs had gotten a gun.


Brandi told Randall and Investigator Brian Hankins that she thought Stubbs who is a resident of Lockesburg may have broken into their home and stolen the guns. She then contacted Stubbs and asked for a ride. When he picked her up, she informed Randall that Stubbs had a handgun.


Randall made a traffic stop after he was informed that Stubb's driver's license had been suspended.


When Randall asked Stubbs if he had anything illegal on his person, Stubbs said no. When Randall found the handgun, Stubbs was taken into custody.


During the investigation, Stubbs was questioned about the handgun and the break-in on Melrose Road. Stubbs denied having any part in the burglary.


A witness informed Randall that he dropped off Stubbs at a church on Melrose Road and went back and picked him up about 30-minutes later. He said when he picked Stubbs up, he had a rifle, a chainsaw and a firebox of some type.


The witness stated Stubbs told him that a man who owed him some money had told him to hold onto the items until he could pay him back.


Later, a second witness stated Stubbs had asked her to sell the rifle for him, but no one would buy it.


Stubbs is being charged with residential burglary, theft of property and for being a felon in possession of a firearm.