Sevier County
Sheriff's Office
De Queen, Arkansas
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Impersonating an Officer

On Monday, February 3, 2020 at approximately 7:50 pm a black male driving a white Chevrolet Impala or white Chevrolet Malibu stopped a car on HWY 70 East of Dierk's Junction.  The female that the person pulled over stated that she seen blue lights come on and she pulled to the shoulder.  The white Chevrolet car pulled in behind her and turned the blue lights off.  The reporting party then stated that a black male approximately 5 foot 7 inch and 200lbs, medium build got out of the white Chevrolet and approached her car.  The reporting party stated that the black male knocked on her window and she rolled her window down.  The black male stated that he pulled her over for a turn signal violation.  The reporting party stated that she responded by telling the black male that she would contact her family member that works at a Police Department and see if she did anything wrong.  The reporting party stated that the black male then told her "no do not call anyone and have a nice night" and that the black male returned to his vehicle and left.  The reporting party stated she did not see any markings on the car. 

*** If anyone comes in contact with this car or has any information in regard to the person operating this vehicle please contact the Sevier County Sheriff's Department.  If someone in a vehicle like was described being driven by a black male attempts to pull you over do not stop.  Call 911 immediately and get somewhere as soon as you can with other people around.***