Sevier County
Sheriff's Office
De Queen, Arkansas
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Stolen vehicle, Thefts, and Vandalism


In the early morning hours of June 20, 2020 deputies with the Sevier County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident near the intersection of Williamson St. and Doggett Circle in Horatio. When deputies arrived on scene, they discovered that the vehicle occupants had fled. While investigating the collision, deputies discovered that the wrecked vehicle was stolen out of the Horatio area. On Monday June 22, 2020 deputies also received several calls about vehicles that had been gone through and reports of items being taken. Inv. Brian Hankins and Sgt. Greg Davignon with the help of Horatio City Officer Wes Tudor and other members of the Sevier County Sheriff's Officer were able to develop several possible juvenile suspects in the vehicle break-ins. During the course of the investigation, deputies were able to develop further suspects possibly involved in the theft of the stolen vehicle that had been wrecked over the weekend. Deputies also discovered that these same suspects were involved in several other cases where mailboxes and street signs were destroyed over the weekend. An adult suspect identified as Jake Miller and four juvenile suspects were arrested in the cases involving the stolen vehicle, thefts, and vandalism. All suspects in these cases are pending charges per the prosecutor. On Wednesday June 24, 2020 deputies received a call about a residence that had been broken into and vandalized on Doggett Circle in Horatio over the weekend. Inv. Brian Hankins, Stg. Greg Davignon and Officer Tudor were able to identify the suspect in this case as being one of the same juveniles responsible for the vehicle theft and vandalisms in the Horatio area over prosecutor. The investigation continues in the residence that was damaged to see what if any involvement other suspects might have had in the incident.